December Challenge

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December Race Day Challenge

December 16th

Practice - Qualifying - 2 X 5 Lap Race
Track – Barcelona - GP
Car – Porche 911 GT3 CUP 2017


Applied Building Sciences

December Challenge Race Review

by Dallas Gramps

This month's Race Day Challenge was between 2 cars.  SoulMaTriX was sick and tired, and Fir3bird13 had better things to do.  So, the rookies, FL_PapaC and Dallas Gramps went one on one.

FL_PapaC had an advantage going in with some impressive practice lap times never matched by Dallas Gramps.  The 10 minute qualification time allowed for 5 laps to be run.  Dallas Gramps had only one lap that counted and the time was fair at best.  FL_PapaC had 5 good qualifying laps and easily won Pole position for the 1st race.

Then the count down to the start of the 1st race began.    Dallas Gramps jumped the gun getting the lead on FL_PapaC but also earning a drive through the pits at 50 mph penalty.  At that point it looked like no contest until FL_PapaC went off the track and got a 10 second/reduce speed to 21 mph penalty.  With the renewed opportunity to be back in the race, Dallas Gramps tried too hard to catch up and went off the track earning himself another penatly, losing any chance of getting back into it.

The 2nd race had Dallas Gramps in the pole position with the advantage going into the 1st turn.  FL_PapaC got cocky and didn't make the first turn earning himself his first penalty.  Dallas Gramps got only one penalty during the race, on the last lap, on the last 'S' curve, but won without FL_PapaC in sight.  FL_PapaC's superior lap times, when he could stay on the track, had him catching up towards the end and was only a little more than 2 seconds behind at the finish.

See y'all next month!

Dallas Gramps