Guidelines & Rules

Applied Building Sciences

POG Guidelines and Rules

2018 Challenges will consist of a monthly track and raced twice a month, The first monthly Race Day will be run in a Production Class car and the next Race Day in a GT Class car.  Race Day Challenge Schedules will be determined by the end of each work week.

(either join or not, will be posted on POG website)

  • No handicaps, winner tracking, screenshots, prizes
  • If you would like to select a car and track, provide Dallas Gramps the info NLT the 1st of the month

Race Day Sequence of Events - Practice, Qualify, Race

Practice - 15 min
Qualify - 20 min

  • Lap time determines pole position for the race

Race 1 – 5 laps
Race 2 – 5 laps - reverse order (based on standings in previous race)

Race day penalties (Server settings) (FYI)

False start will have a drive through penalty
100% mechanical damage
Other penalties are based on Assetto Corsa standards

  • Gas cut is part of this (penalty for cutting corners to gain advantage like on Monza avoiding the chicanes)

House Rule

Driver in the lead position has the right of way

  • You must slow down to give them the appropriate line or do what is necessary not to cause a wreck
  • Drive responsibly

Weekly Practice

Online practice sessions can be conducted anytime  2 or more drivers agree.  Group practice sessions (AC/DC Sunday Drive) will be scheduled for off Race Day weeks.


  • You think you have a great lap time that is tough to beat, provide the screenshot and info to Uncle Vinnie to post online
  • Accept the challenge and off to the races!


Dan's availability to play AC: Flexible on weekends. Send a text and I will hop on.

PapaC: Sat 1600-1900 church and dinner; Sun depends on work schedule (changes weekly)

Dallas Gramps: Flexible and depending on Honey Do's