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Dan's November Race Review

1st Race: The scariest part of a race is the first turn, especially on Zandvoort. I was able to grab pole position and had a great start; however, in the fever of racing I failed to watch my cues to brake as I careened into turn one, narrowly missing the sand pit. I braked hard and the ABS kicked the wheel. To my right Dallas Gramps smoothly transitioned on the inside lane and FL_PapaC maintained a mid line through the 1st turn. From 1st to 3rd in an instant. A failed turn. As I quickly gained control, I was able to catch FL_PapaC by the second major turn, accidently bumping him at 50 mph, sending both of us into the wall. Meanwhile Dallas Gramps smoothly transitioned ahead of us. I paused for a few seconds to see what FL_PapaC would do and hoped he would continue in his position of 2nd place. Since he did not take his rightful position, I decided to move past him into 2nd and catch Dallas Gramps. At some point I passed him and ran my fastest lap time in the GTR Nismo at roughly 1.54.982. I won this race. From what I hear, Dallas Gramps and FL_PapaC were duking out in the final lap with lots of rubbing and aggressive driving. Ultimately, FL_PapaC obtained 2nd place, followed by Dallas Gramps in 3rd.

2nd Race, Reverse Grid: Starting in 3rd place was a treat. I knew that I could be patient and wait for any driver errors that would likely occur. At one point in the lap Dallas Gramps, who was in 2nd at this point, went wide and I obtained inside position. I moved into 2nd and on the tail of FL_PapaC. I was trying to stay close to gain speed of the draft and as we came down the main straight, I was able to gain inside position. FL_PapaC braked early which allowed me to gain 1st and the racing line. From that point the race was over. Once I get the lead with no one in front, the only thing holding me back was the tire wear in the front left tire, which heated above 110 deg causing right cornering to become more difficult for the remainder of the race. I had to slow my pace to allow the tire temp to decrease, but was well in the lead at that point. Dallas Gramps came in 2nd with FL_PapaC in 3rd.

November Challenge

2nd and 3rd Place Competition

The Nissan GT-R GT3 was the Original November Challenge Car but was not available to FL_PapaC so was changed to the Nissan GTR NISMO

Race Day Results

Sunday 11/19/17

Race Day Begins – 5:00pm EST

Practice - Qualifying - 2 X 5 Lap Race
Track – Zandervoort
Car – Nissan GT-R NISMO

  • SoulMatrix WINS
  •  FL-PapaC takes 2nd in first race
  •  Dallas Gramps takes 2nd in second race