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Race Day Handicap and Penalties

Worksheet Calculator provides inputs for:

  • Race Day parameters
  • Race Day results
  • Total number of Laps raced
  • Allowed Average Variance

The allowed variance provides a penalty to anyone who's average race lap time exceeds their best/average qualifying lap time by the Variance amount.

Although the variance factor is programmable, I suggest that a progressive penalty be applied as follows:

  • 1st place driver gets a variance of 2 seconds
  • 2nd place driver gets a variance of 3 seconds
  • 3rd place driver gets a variance of 4 seconds
  • 4th place driver gets a variance of 5 seconds

This gives the fastest driver a narrower window between their actual average lap time and their qualifying average lap time, but penalizes them less if exceeded.

The time penalty is per lap, thus a 5 second penalty for a 10 lap race would assess a 50 second increase to their handicap adjusted time

Adjusted Results summary for Handicaps based on:

  • A single 'Best Lap' qualifying time, or
  • An average of 5 lap qualifying times

A Penalty flag is displayed if a driver's 'Allowed Variance' is exceeded.

The 'Best Lap' time will be used to determine the handicaps if everyone hasn't run 5 qualifying laps.

The 'Best Time' Handicap Calculator provides for a single qualifying lap time per driver and for selecting the lowest time among the drivers (establishes par for the track).

The  '5 Lap Average' Handicap Calculator provides for selecting the lowest time among the drivers (establishes par for the track).

Race Day Results

Saturday 10/28/17

Race Day Begins – 8:30pm EST

Practice - Qualifying - 2 X 5 Lap Race
Track – Silverstone 67
Car – SCG Comp 11

Dallas Gramps WINS

Dan's Race Review:

The race did reverse grid in race 2 which made entry into the first corner very interesting as FL_PapaC was off line and too fast causing him to move into the grass.  Dallas Gramps held strong on the inside lane.  It was exciting as I coached FL_PapaC that he had to maintain outside containment because the cars were side by side.